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The Furry One Ltd was borne out of a desire to start an online shop which is fun to run for me and fun to use for you and your cat or dog.  Run by animal lovers, for animal lovers.

Whether you prefer cats or dogs, it’s very easy to understand how spoilt a pet can be. But it can also be quite frustrating trying to find a decent UK-based online shop to find all of the pet clothing treats, with many cat and dog clothing being shipped from abroad and delivery times being a pain.   

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A costume for every occasion

We want to supply your cat or dog with stylish and practical clothing, but also add to our costume range with fun pet outfits for Halloween, Christmas, Birthdays and much more. 

Help us grow!

If you’ve got products or general feedback to help us improve our website, let us know by emailing [email protected]

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Chester's hoodie fits well and is already making the next door's cat jealous.
The knitted jumpers look amazing on Lloyd! Really great quality too.
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